The next 4-weeks intensive course begins on 24.09.2018
On 24.09.2018 starts the next 4-weeks intensive c...
The next Evening Courses start on 23.10.2018.
The next Evening Courses start on 23.10.2018...
The next TestDaF-Course: 22.10.-12.11.2018.
The next TestDaF-Course starts on 22.10.2018. P...
The next TestDaF-Exam is on 13.11.2018.
The next TestDaF-Examination is on 13.11.2018

"The city of Düsseldorf is very beautiful...," the poet Heinrich Heine once said, the city's great son, after whom both the university and our language school are named.

Today this statement is even more true than ever. Düsseldorf offers something for everyone: art, culture, shopping facilities and as a special expression of "Rhenish" joy of life the famous carnival and the "Kirmes", the greatest fun fair on the Rhine. The Robert-Schumann-Musikhochschule and the famous Kunstakademie attract students from all over the world.

After a strenuous day of learning one can relax sipping "Altbier" (a type of beer Düsseldorf is renowned for) in the "Altstadt" (i.e. the old part of the city), sitting in one of the numerous street cafés or strolling along the river promenade.

The area surrounding Düsseldorf has a lot to offer as well: the castle of Benrath, emperor Barbarossa's old castle ruins in Kaiserswerth, the medieval fortress in Zons, the Neander valley ("home" of Neanderthal man) and much more. Cologne with its famous Gothic cathedral and Wuppertal with its suspension railway are a mere 30 minute drive/ride away. Or you could hop across to the Netherlands or Belgium if you wish to visit e.g. Amsterdam or Brussels.

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