The next 4-weeks intensive course begins on 27.08.2018
On 27.08.2018 starts the next 4-weeks intensive c...
The next Evening Courses start on 28.08.2018.
The next Evening Courses start on 28.08.2018...
The next TestDaF-Course: 29.08.-17.09.2018.
The next TestDaF-Course starts on 29.08.2018. P...
The next TestDaF-Exam is on 13.11.2018.
The next TestDaF-Examination is on 13.11.2018

More than 20 years of SPRACHFORUM:
more than 10.000 students from 128 countries ...
and the success story continues ...

offers language classes. We specialise in German courses. German as a foreign language. Why not take a language study trip to Düsseldorf to take a course and learn German? It's fun to learn German at Sprachforum!

We offer various German couses: Intensive Courses, Summer Courses, Evening Courses und TestDaF-Preparation-Courses.

founded in 1992 by former lecturers of Düsseldorf's Heinrich Heine University, is an international language institute. Our school is a member of the professional association German as a foreign language FaDaF and is recognised pursuant to the German Federal Law concerning the promotion of Education and Training ("Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz"). Sprachforum Heinrich Heine Düsseldorf has been licenced for TestDaF examination since 2002.

with a high quality standard and an open, friendly atmosphere. At our school, people from various countries and cultures come together to learn German, to communicate with each other and to develop friendships. We are confident that you will feel at home here and learn lots of German!

Since the beginning of March 2009, we have been jointly offering language courses with the düsseldorf academies in combination with tennis training. For more information on tennis training offerings, please visit the duesseldorf academies.

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