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On 04.09.2017 starts the next 4-weeks intensive c...
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The next Evening Courses start on 24.08.2017...
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The next TestDaF-Exam is on 20.09.2017.
The next TestDaF-Examination is on 20.09.2017

The Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache - TestDaF - is a language test suitable for learners of German at an intermediate to high level of language proficiency.

The TestDaF provides the universally recognised proof on the language skills required for admission to any German university. The TestDaF is administered by worldwide net of licensed test centres.

Für den Prüfungstermin am 26. April ist keine Anmeldung mehr möglich. / No further enrolments possible for the exam on April 26.






20. September 2016


26.07.2016 - 23.08.2016

ab 31.10.2016

08. November 2016


13.09.2016 - 11.10.2016

ab 20.12.2016


14. Februar 2017


22.11.2016 - 17.01.2017

ab 28.03.2017

26. April 2017


Keine Anmeldung mehr möglich. / No further enrolments possible

ab 07.06.2017

14. Juni 2017


19.04.2017 - 17.05.2017

ab 26.07.2017

19. Juli 2017


24.05.2017 - 21.06.2017

ab 30.08.2017

20. September 2017


26.07.2017 - 23.08.2017

ab 31.10.2017

16. November 2017


21.09.2017 - 19.10.2017

ab 28.12.2017

* Das angegebene Datum bezieht sich auf die Freischaltung der Ergebnisse im Teilnehmerportal

Sie möchten die Prüfung TestDaF im Sprachforum Heinrich Heine Düsseldorf ablegen?
Dann müssen Sie wie folgt vorgehen:
Wenn Sie sich zur TestDaF-Prüfung anmelden wollen, müssen Sie bei uns (als Ihr Testzentrum) eine TAN-Nummer beantragen.

Das Entgelt für den TestDaF beträgt 175 €. Die Prüfungsgebühr muss im Testzentrum Sprachforum Heinrich Heine bezahlt werden. Sie erhalten dann eine TAN-Nummer, mit der Sie sich zur Prüfung anmelden können.


  • bar in unserem Büro
  • mit Kreditkarte (MasterCard oder Visa Card)
  • Electronic Cash (EC-Karte / Girocard / Maestro-Card)

The TestDaF is a standardised language test assessing linguistic performance within the context of university life at an intermediate to advanced level. Within the scale of the European Framework of Reference the TestDaF comprises the levels B 2 to C 1.

The TestDaF has been developed for candidates with a considerable knowledge of German (e.g. after approx. 800 hours/teaching units). The TestDaF examination may also be taken as a placement test and can be taken any number of times.

The TestDaF measures several levels of language performance. Each candidate's scores are aggregated to determine the candidate's performance as to one of the following levels:

TestDaF-Niveaustufe 5 (TDN 5)
TestDaF-Niveaustufe 4 (TDN 4)
TestDaF-Niveaustufe 3 (TDN 3)

TDN 5 is the highest level. A score below TDN 3 shows that this subtest the candidate has not yet reached the lowest level measured by the TestDaF.

Should you reach the highest level, TDN 5, nothing is in the way of your studies in Germany, as far as language proficiency is concerned (naturally the remaining financial, academic and legal requirements must also be met)

The TestDaF-Institut send us the certificate showing your results within approx. eight weeks following the test. The TestDaF comprises four subtests:
Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking.

Based on the scores achieved in each of the subtests, the TestDaF provides a differentiated linguistic profile of the applicant.

The test papers are compiled at the TestDaF-Institut and are subject to a centralised evaluation procedure. Examinations are carried out in the Test Centers licensed by the TestDaF Institute.

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