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Die NRW-Landesregierung hat beschlossen, dass ab Dienstag, 17.3. auch alle privaten Bildungseinrichtungen schließen müssen, um das Corona-Virus einzudämmen. Das betrifft leider auch das Sprachforum Heinrich Heine.

  • Ab dem 17.3.2020 unterbrechen wir die laufenden Intensivkurse (2.3.-27.3.2020). Diese werden dann ab dem 20.4.2020 an der Stelle fortgesetzt, an der wir am 16.3.2020 im Unterricht aufgehört haben. Das heißt, es werden dann ab dem 20.4.2020 die letzten beiden Kurswochen unterrichtet und am 30.4.2020 findet der Abschlusstest statt. Der Folgekurs beginnt dann ganz normal am 4.5.2020. Leider kann der Intensivkurs vom 30.03.-28.04. nicht angeboten werden. Alle Anmeldungen können auf den 4.5. 2020 als Kursstart verschoben werden.
  • Die Abendkurse, die am 17.3. beginnen sollten, können voraussichtlich erst am Dienstag, den 21.4. starten.

Wir werden an dieser Stelle bei Änderungen aktuell informieren!

The government of North Rhine-Westphalia decided that all private educational institutions have to close from March 17, 2020 in order to contain the coronavirus. Also Sprachforum Heinrich Heine is affected.

  • From March 17, 2020 we have to freeze all current intensive courses. They will be resumed on April 20, 2020 from the point where we stopped on March 16, 2020, i.e. the last two weeks of the current course will take place between April 20, 2020 and April 30, 2020. The following course will start on Mai 4, 2020. Unfortunately, the intensive course planned for the period of March 30, 2020 till April 28,2020 will not take place. All registrations for this period will be valid for May 4, 2020, which is the scheduled start of new courses.
  • The start of our next evening courses which is due on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 will be postponed to Thursday April 21, 2020.

You will find all further information here as soon as possible!

German for physicians

You have studied medicine and are about to obtain your license to practice medicine or would like to complete your specialist training in Germany? You have successfully completed your B2 German examination? You would like to prepare for your work in a clinic or hospital?

Our courses include oral and written communication:

  • Intensive training in how to conduct patient interviews (anamnesis, physical examination, diagnosis, interviews with relatives)
  • Intensive training in patient introductions during rounds and meetings
  • Documenting examination results, writing doctor’s letters
  • FSP examination simulation

The vocabulary is based on the everyday work of doctors and is particularly extensive in the following areas:

  • Clinical terminology in dealing with patients, colleagues and hospital staff
  • Symptomatology and diagnostics


  • Compact block courses (40 lesson units in total)
  • 5 – 8 participants, therefore small groups, ensuring intensive supervision and learning environment
  • Individual online support for correcting written work




Block seminar: 4 weekends, 40 lesson units in total

And: Do consider planning enough time for homework!


€ 450


Prerequisite for participation:

Successful B2 language exam



50% deposit on registration, balance due on first day of course.


Payment methods:

  • Cash paid in our office
  • Credit card (Mastercard or Visa card)
  • Electronic cash (EC card / Girocard / Maestro card)
  • Bank transfer

Lesson times:

Saturday and Sunday

10:00 AM – 2:15 PM


For organizational questions refer to our Terms and conditions.


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