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Heinrich Heine

Important poet, writer and journalist of the 19th century

Short biography

(born Harry Heine)

“Born a Jew under the name Harry Heine, he was christened Heinrich Heine as a Protestant Christian, remained a free thinker, was supposed to become a merchant, was a young entrepreneur, became a law student in Bonn, Berlin and Göttingen, received his doctorate in both canon and civil law, and struggled for a civic position as a lawyer, administrative official and university lecturer, involuntarily became a freelance writer, journalist, chronicler, polemicist, satirist, travel writer and remains one of the very great and popular, beloved and hated poets of German tongue to this day.”*

* quoted from: van Eycken, Fritz and Katinka (ed.): Das poetische Werk von Heinrich Heine – Die Gedichte – Die Erzählungen – Die Memoiren [The poetic works of Heinrich Heine – the poems – the stories – the memoirs]; Berlin 2011

Note: his correct baptismal name was Christian Johann Heinrich

Hardly any other German writer and poet has seen his works so frequently translated into other languages.


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